Monday, April 12, 2010

Derwent water in Inktense

Continuing my experiments, I wanted to play with the light in this painting, using the amazing layering opportunities of inktense, combined with using the white acrylic ink colored with inktense, then more layers on that as required. Works well, you can even use the thin acrylic/inktense mix as a glaze, that is what creates the light in the clouds to the left of the painting. This is Derwent water, near the town of Keswick, home of the Derwent company that make Inktense.


  1. It's beautiful. This inktense is amazing. Soon I will buy some of this pencils.

    Good draws or should I say painting?

  2. Thanks Laio, yes it is really painting using the pigment from the pencils only as they have this amazing quality.

  3. Were you using blocks instead of the pencils?