Thursday, April 8, 2010

Near Buttermere Lake District in Inktense

I am finding that there are several very exiting ways of working with inktense, one way which I used here is to go very strong color harmonies on the lower layers to establish the 'glow' that is often seen particularly in sky's and distance. Once I had established these color ranges I built up tones with overlaid complementary colors and darker hues. I also discovered a new technique of using a scrap of watercolor paper as a palette, scribling on 2 inktense colors then picking up the mix on the waterbrush. I will make videos to describe these techniques more fully in future.


    What a marvellous achievement to have been able to register and set up your this wonderful blog

    I would just like to say how incredibly excited I feel for you in your decision to explore the wonders of your amazing creativity in the medium of Derwent Inktense Pencils. I liken the feeling to having received the gift of a kaleidoscope from Santa Claus for Christmas!!

    And THERE IT IS for all the world to see and marvel at . . . this absolute masterpiece!!!

    "Near Buttermere Lake District in Inktense"

    You can truly declare "I AM an Artist" because you have achieved your dream and even more importantly . . . you are happy to unselfishly share your secrets with the world at large!

    It gives me the greatest pleasure to simply acknowledge what a precious gift you have now extended to the art world . . . Before long you will, without any doubt, become the 'Pied Piper of Derwent Inktense' . . . and who knows what!!
    Warmest regards and Best Wishes on your amazing journey, Roy! Looking forward to the videos!

  2. Roy . . . I've seen a few frustrated artists and you don't look one little bit like them! Perhaps it's because you are inktensely happy. these days! Suits you!